We offer specialized services in the field of fabrication of structural jobs ,renewal and repairs of tanks pipeline and any other such jobs relating to mild steel [M.S] and stainless steel [S.S]


 We also undertake electrical jobs which include rewinding of [A.C] and [D.C] motors repairs of automatic voltage regulators[ A.V.R] and also specialize in service of automatic crane micro chips


 We are a professional outfit with loads of experience in maintenance /O/H and operations of internal combustion engines of variable speeds and fuel such as diesel, petrol, and high speed kerosene. We carry out jobs on turbo charges of engines .We have an efficient fuel injection service centre where we do callibration of fuel pumps and fuel injectors.


 We also carry out jobs on gear boxes connected to the engines ,as well as accessories such as lube oil pumps, air compressors and hydraulic systems .In our line of work we have developed skills of maintance of fiber glass boats where the damage to the body and the hull of the boats have been repaired to the satisfaction of the class surveyors .We have also carried out alignment of propeller shaft and rudder for small passenger craft        



We understand that even after the most intelligent planning there could be times when a vessel requires a service or a product within a very short time frame. To solve such unseen needs and problems we have developed a team of skilled technicians who take care of all these requirements. We can provide all kinds of services on vessels as well as offshore. 

It requires a huge amount of experience and expertise to deliver the desired services within a giving frame of time and we take pride in informing you that ALPHA MARINE ENGINEERING SERVICES specializes in providing such services.

Feel free to contact us for any special requirements.


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